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Monolithic Glass

Monolithic glass is a single lite of glass formed from the float glass manufacturing process. It is simply a single piece of glass constructed using one glass thickness. WGD can produce Monolithic glass using either the annealed, heat-strengthened or tempered glass fabrication method.

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Fabricated Glass

When plans for your storefront, stairwell or shower doors call for custom holes, notches, bevels, or mitres, trust WGD to create the perfect customized, fabricated glass.

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Insulated Glass

Insulated Glass consists of two or more glass window panes separated by a space to reduce heat transfer. A window with insulated glass is commonly known as double glazing or a double-paned window.

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Spandrel Glass

Spandrel Glass is perfect for masking unsightly building features like floor slabs, columns and duct work. It’s also an attractive choice for wall cladding, office partitions and more.

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